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Opportunity Cost

Social capital

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Olexandr Prokhorenko
7 September 1980
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I am Olexandr Prokhorenko, but you might also know me as Alexander Prohorenko or "white". I think I am an IT entrepreneur. I used to work and build companies in Ukraine, Russia and United States. A lot of years ago I started my career like System Administrator and Software Developer. I saw different systems and different programming languages. I am still doing a lot of technical work during my daily job. I hold a number of certificates, the most recent ones are Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Sun Certified Systems Administrator for Solaris (SCSA) and Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP). But I do have a few more. I can read, write, speak and (hopefully) think in English, Russian and Ukrainian. I used to write a lot of articles (http://prokhorenko.us/white/resume/OlexandrProkhorenko_Articles.html), but now I'm pretty pressed in time for this.

My projects: CPGjobs & CPGjoblist, Extracom, dt-Source, ZineGen, BossTalks, iGotList & Kilolist, Ratebo, iTunes' CyrFix, Shotscreen, Strawlink, Atomkeep

My resume: http://prokhorenko.us/white/resume
bootstrapping, building, building great teams, new ventures, outsourcing, running companies


общество, техника, россия

Social capital

  • less than 10